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Making New Friends
ISBN: 0-9764647-1-3
Ages 4-10

About Making New Friends:

Children often see moving as a negative event because they don't want to leave friends and family or go to a new school. Parents, educators and book critics highly recommend our book as a resource and confidence booster for children who are moving.

With imagination, kids learn to accept change and make new friends!

In "Making New Friends", TJ is hesitant at first about going out to meet new kids in his new neighborhood. Then, while playing with one of the moving boxes, TJ is surprised when the box comes to life! Browny explains that he is there because of TJ's imagination and that he wants to be his friend. Browny helps TJ develop self-confidence and overcome his fear of being rejected. TJ comes to realize that it's okay to miss his old friends and to remember the good times they shared. By the end of the story, TJ makes new friends and decides he will like living in his new home!